Sep 29

Hove Park School – iPad 1:1 Initiative

Committed to raising standards by transforming learning and a strong belief in using technology to accelerate learning and achievement, Hove Park School worked closely in partnership with JTRS to introduce an iPad 1:1 scheme to 1600 students and 200 teachers.

On the release of the iPad mini in October 2012, Derek Trimmer had the vision to empower staff, students and parents by introducing iPad to day-to-day teaching and learning so that teachers and students can have access to a wide range of tools and applications to enhance their learning.

Following the launch in April, all students in years 7 to 10 have been working with personal devices on a 1:1 basis. The Hove Park Student Survey carried out in June shows the powerful impact it has had so far.

Enjoyment of lessons

Before students had an iPad only 4.7% of students rated the enjoyment of lessons as excellent. Now students have an iPad 47.8% of students rate their enjoyment as execllent. barclays site down 86.9% of students now rate the enjoyment of lessons as good or excellent compared to 31% of students before they had an iPad.

Time in lessons to explore and research ideas

This saw a shift from only 15.8% of students saying they were given enough time in lessons on a regular basis to 94 % of students saying they now are given time to explore and research their own ideas on a regular basis in lessons.

Sharing work with parents

Only 15% of students were sharing their work on a regular basis with parents before they had an iPad. Since the introduction of iPad 55.6% of students are now sharing their work with parents on a regular basis.

See more on how the introduction of iPad at Hove Park School has impacted learning and teaching here.

“The learning transformation allows us to ensure that our students are able to fully engage with future employers as fully independent learners. By using iPad in school, they’ll develop as creative and active problem solvers, who are able to work collaboratively to produce outstanding results.” – Derek Trimmer, Head Teacher

Click here to watch our video case study on how we worked in partnership to achieve this great vision.

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