About Us

Apple Solution Experts providing services and products for education and business.

About JTRS

JTRS are the complete solution when it comes to Apple. We live and breathe the technology and as qualified Apple Solution Experts (ASE) we offer a dedicated range of services to support your investment at each stage. Our speciality is incorporating Apple solutions into education but we also offer services and products to business and local authorities as well.



Our Team

We are made up of friendly sales advisors, tech support gurus, qualified repair engineers and specialist trainers. All of this creates an enthusiastic company who are ready and able to support you when introducing technology into the classroom.


On the training side we have experienced Qualified Teachers, Specialist Trainers in Education, Apple Education Mentors (AEM) and Apple Professional Development Consultants. This gives us enviably diverse array of talents to draw upon which is perfectly married with the skills of your teachers.


We have offices dotted around the UK including Sussex, Essex, Lancashire, Yorkshire and Colchester and our Authorised Apple Services Provider repair centre is located in York.


Our Customers

Schools benefit from our services a great deal. Whether you have an existing Apple ICT platform or are looking to make a new investment, we can help. Teachers, school leaders and ICT staff all feel galvanised by our complete teaching led solution.


Businesses too find that our experience and unique talent makes us the perfect one-stop Apple solution. Our large range of Apple products is available to both the UK and Europe.

Please feel free to contact JTRS at any time for more information.