Achieve the maximum teaching and learning impacts from your Apple Technology investments with support from JTRS Training.

"The training has been fantastic and has resulted in increased confidence for all staff. iPad is now being integrated seamlessly and purposefully into lessons with impact. For our school it was never a question whether or not we would invest in training with JTRS".

Mike Chuna

Outwood Primary School - Stockport

New Possibilities

The modern classroom is teeming with new possibilities. The ever increasing rate of technological advancement continues to place a world of educational options into the hands of a learner. Technology’s importance and presence is therefore paramount. This importance is reflected by the £500 million investment UK schools make in ICT each year.

The introduction of the Mac and now iPad creates new possibilities. It is an educators responsibility to enhance technological skills and empower learners, so that they might meet the future workplace with flexible minds. Many children are immersed in a device enriched environment before they take their first steps into education. Therefore, teachers and learners have the opportunity to harness this power and create enhanced educational experiences. 

The Challenge

Expectations and reality are not always entirely in sync. Embedding new technology into day-to-day teaching and learning is not an easy process. Cohorts of mixed skills and mixed motivations can result in underused investments. Increased pressure on core-curriculum learning and other pedagogical responsibilities means that a teacher’s time is stretched to say the least. These factors are coupled with the negative past experiences of unreliable technologies in lessons. The challenge of introducing new technology is not just about installing new devices, it is about changing minds and supporting change. It is about finding solutions that make a difference to individuals and entire schools. It is about creating an environment where technology is embraced as a holistic tool that can enhance classroom practice across the curriculum and through the key stages.

JTRS Training

By embracing the possibilities and the challenges we are able to provide entirely relevant training for the modern day classroom. Bespoke training means that we can shape and deliver programmes that cater for specific challenges within any school. Enabling us to build differentiated solutions that uncovers new possibilities for teachers and learners alike.

As JTRS Trainers we are qualified, experienced teachers and certified Apple Education Trainers. This means that our understanding of technology is equally matched by our understanding of teaching and learning. We offer truly bespoke content provided through exciting delivery methods including Classroom Modelling, Team Teaching and Digital Leader Programmes, as well as more traditional Twilight sessions. These options not only allow us to integrate the training to a greater depth, but also enable us to timetable continual professional development into a normal school day. On top of this, our Academic Training Programmes supply ongoing support whilst simultaneously providing progressive assessment data that maps the success of the participants.

Ultimately, JTRS training provides a completely customisable platform for teachers and learners to break down the challenges and provide 21st century learning with 21st century technologies.

JTRS Training Catalogue 2015-16

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