a creative, intuitive and collaborative way for preschoolers to learn early coding and important 21-st century skills


Coding Express is a creative, intuitive and versatile solution that introduces preschoolers to early coding concepts that naturally sparks their curiosity, creativity, and desire to explore with their friends. Based on the ever-popular train theme, the highly versatile LEGO® DUPLO® solution allows children to test ideas and intuitively explore early coding concepts, such as sequencing, looping, and conditional coding while developing problem-solving skills, critical thinking, collaboration, and social and emotional skills.

Key learning values:

  • Sequencing

  • Looping

  • Conditional coding

  • Collaboration

  • Problem-solving

Watch the video opposite to learn more about the Coding Express Action Bricks.


What teachers are saying...

"When I saw LEGO® Education Coding Express, I knew instantly that it would be a success"

Lauren Millington, Ashbury Meadow Primary School

what our experts are saying...

"One of  the biggest challenges we face in schools is how we prepare our students for the ever-changing, technological world of employment.  LEGO® Education is now helping us start the journey, from a preschool age with Coding Express"

David Gregory, LEGO® Education Academy Certified Teacher Trainer

Discover Coding Express and inspire your early learners to test ideas, develop their coding, STEM and 21st Century skills through play!

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