24/7 Server and Network Monitoring

JTRS utilise advanced, proactive 24/7 Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) Services which enable us to easily and effectively monitor and manage the health of our Managed Service customers Servers. This system allows JTRS to maximise your Servers uptime while being able to manage problems before they create downtime.  


RMM Software

With every Managed Service JTRS install our RMM software on your key servers which allow our engineers to view the status of your server and utilise the following features.

  • Monitor and Receive notifications
  • Change AD passwords
  • Restart Processes and Services
  • Reboot Servers
  • Manage Hyper-v Services
  • ESXI
  • Exchange Management
  • Log Viewer
  • Windows Updates
  • Manage Antivirus services
  • Run terminal commands
  • Hardware & Software Reporting
  • Secure Service
  • Complete Command Traceability
  • Slack Integration Application Monitoring