Asset Management

We provide a complete Asset Management system for all of our managed service customers. This enables you to always have an up to date asset list.

Our Asset Management system allows our customers to see which assets are assigned, to whom, and their physical location. Check them back into inventory with one click, or click through to see the asset's complete history. Seeing what assets are currently deployed, pending (brand new awaiting software installs, out for repair), ready to deploy, or archived (lost/stolen, or broken) is quick and easy.

User Management

Grant users access to reports or even let them request assets that are available. Perfect for loaning out test devices. Each user profile shows their complete history including assets, accessories, consumables and licenses.

  • Import/Login through Active Directory/LDAP

  • Import users from CSV

  • Bulk user actions to make management easy

  • Assignable user roles offer different levels of access

  • Easily generate strong passwords through the UI

Apple iPad for education

Custom Status Labels

There are lots of reasons why an asset may be undeployable or archived. They may be out for repair, out for diagnostics, lost or stolen, or flat-out busted. You have complete control over the labels you create for assets.

EULAs/ Terms of Service on Checkout

To make distributing equipment easier, our asset management lets you require a user to confirm acceptance of your End User License Agreement (EULA) and receipt of the asset. You can use a default EULA for your entire school/ business, or different EULAs based on asset category.

Software Licenses

You get the same quick access to licenses, too. We’re working on making this even better, by letting you smartly handle multi-pack licenses with ease. You can also enable email alerts to get an email when your licenses are expiring.

Accessories & Consumables

Some things are important to track but may not warrant their own asset tags and labels. Accessories let us track things like keyboards and computer mice, so you know how many you have on-hand, and how many are currently in use. Items like printer ink and copier paper all add up, and it's inconvenient to run out. Track your consumables using our asset management too!