We live in a time where pupils must be adept at using technology as a tool to develop their own learning and we also live in a time where future school budgets are uncertain. Finding a sustainable method for financing technology in education has never been more important.

As part of our exciting new partnership with Econocom, a major European digital services company, we are proud to launch BOS: a flexible subscription for technologies for education.

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In a nutshell...

BOS is a unique bundled service that allows Schools, Colleges and Universities to future-proof their technology projects and ensure pupils and teachers always have access to the latest innovations. BOS enables institutions to access the latest mobile devices over 24 or 36 months on a ‘device-as-a-service’ basis. Every BOS subscription consists of a standard package, including access to hardware and guaranteed services.

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Some examples...

iPad 32GB WiFi

£7.70 / month


iPad 32GB WiFi

Rugged Case


Next Day Swap Warranty



*Pricing based on 36-month subscription

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iMac 21.5-inch

2.3 GHz, dual-core Intel i5, 1TB Storage, 8GB memory

£25.85 / month*




36-month next-day swap warranty

End of contract collection & recycling

*Pricing based on 36-month subscription

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The Features...

1. Standard Package

Choose your devices and enjoy the included services


Protective Case (mobile devices)

Device Enrolment Programme (Apple Devices)

Next day swap warranty over the entire period of the contract

End-of-contract collection & recycling

2. Options

Flexibility Options

To meet your mobile changing needs, you can incrementally increase, return or refresh your mobile estate on a £1 per month per device basis. You also have the option to retain up to 5% of your devices at the end of your subscription.

Device Services

Make your life easier with ready to use devices: collection of your old kit, device preparation (protective case, filter etc), BOS starter packs for a seamless deployment (unboxing, connecting cables, email settings, software configuration, training etc.)

IT Services

Ensure optimisation of your business process with MDM management, helpdesk with pre-defined SLAs, network & Wi-Fi configuration etc.

3. Apps

 Large app ecosystem to facilitate the use of your devices

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