Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery?


Immersive and interactive learning

SleuthIT! is a series of dynamic, digital, interactive experiences for pupils that require them to use their ingenuity, tenacity, resourcefulness,  and imagination to solve engaging mysteries.  Throughout the process, children are encouraged and empowered to demonstrate, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration,  and  Communication. Each SleuthIT! mystery combines engaging storytelling with interactive puzzles and challenges through the use of innovative iBeacon technology. With SleuthIT! you can turn any space into the setting for a captivating mystery story and immerse pupils in a learning experience like no other!

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everything you need in one box

Each experience is fully contained within its own set of iBeacons, which are portable, easy to set up, and can be used anywhere, time and time again. A wifi connection is required to download the required app, but once installed the game can be played offline.

Within the app and iBeacons you will find all the details of the crime – a video of the crime scene, a dossier on all characters, animated statements, and  interviews, together with a variety of supplementary evidence (or red herrings!) – visual clues, documents, objects and scenes to examine and explore.

All SleuthIT! experiences require the download of a freely available companion app, available for iOS and Android. Chromebook App Coming Soon.


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Learning impacts

SleuthIT! is built upon sound pedagogy and puts learning first...

enjoyment of literacy

SleuthIT! was originally created to provide a truly unique and immersive experience that can inspire l ove of literacy, particularly in boys.


Gamification is well documented for its positive influence on encouraging and engaging students in the learning process, and the combination of all of these elements suggested the ‘whodunnit’ angle to the experience: everyone thinks or likes to think they can be as smart as Sherlock Holmes.

blended learning

Every SleuthIT! experience incorporates a range of high-quality media designed to stimulate and support learning, including video, imagery, 360-degree panoramic videos, and interactive widgets.

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Experience it for yourself at one of our upcoming taster events

Throughout the Autumn  Term,  we are planning a small number of free after-school taster events, where teachers can experience SleuthIT! for themselves.

Each taster event is hosted by a school and delivered by a highly qualified and experienced teacher. You can find your nearest SleuthIT! taster event by clicking below.

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